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Bennett Career Institute Alumni Association


The Bennett Career Institute Alumni Association or B.C.I.A.A. is motivated and dedicated on giving back to students currently attending BCI. As a part of the alumni association this can happen in numerous ways. From talking to the students at the student body meetings, first pick recruiting, to assisting them with finding other opportunities. Being apart of the B.C.I.A.A. has it's benefits for our alumni as well like free state board prep, advance notice on upcoming classes and events, and job placement opportunities. Are you a graduate of B.C.I and want to become apart of the Alumni Association?

Computer Learning

License Renewal Online

6-Hour Continuing Education

We welcome all beauty professionals. Get started with our easy online courses, available in both Spanish and English in the fields of Cosmetology, Barbering, Management, Estheticians, Manicuring and Instructors.
Approved by the DC Board of Barber & Cosmetology, our sole purpose is to give cosmetology professionals and instructors a better choice in attaining state mandated continuing education hours needed to renew their professional license.

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